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Seasons Greetings! [12/26/05 @ 4:18pm]
Power to the night shift! Thank you everyone on duty and on call last night and the night before. Keeping this hospital running through the holiday season! Though things weren't to hectic up in the Neurology Department this year, but that's good too... I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holidays!

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Words to live by... [12/12/05 @ 6:31pm]
Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
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cookie Cookie COOKIE [11/10/05 @ 9:01pm]
I found a cookie under my desk~<3

Can I have someone cover for me for the first two hours of Saturday's night shift? Personal matters. ^_^

And I think I'll start scheduling the Neurology Department's holiday hours early this year. Make it more fun and all. The current plan is to put the names of all the attendings, interns, nurses, and surgeons into a hat (with 100 tags for each name) and select people at random to plug into the time slots.

Though here's the trick: every time you give me a bag of Skittles, I remove one of your tags from said hat. Give me 100 bags of Skittles, and you can have the day off... Just not the TEENY TINY Halloween treat bags. You guys keep gypping me with those. ;o; But sound good? Good. Just trying to not repeat what happened last year. =3
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*pokes LJ* [10/18/05 @ 5:51pm]

discover what candy you are @ quiz me

N-Not Skittles??????? ;o;

Attention all Neurology Interns: I will be personally shadowing each and every one of you over the course of two weeks-- wherein I'll decide who get's to progress with their menus, who will stay where they are, and who will be relieved. I hope you're all working hard so the latter does not happen to too many peopl~ ^^

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sugaaar~ [09/30/05 @ 4:50pm]
WOOOO~! The vending machine's out of Skittles! But I'm still riding my sugar high! Yes! And why has the Neurology Department been so quiet lately? I'll I've been doing is work. Work work work.

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float like a social butterfly~ [09/17/05 @ 11:49pm]


Sake and sushi.

Who's in?
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so tasty~ [09/15/05 @ 4:52pm]
How I spent this month's salaryCollapse )

'Cause a word to the wise: the money doesn't matter. Instead, enjoy the little things of life while you can. Like bringing a smile to a patient's face. The witty banter between friends. Or skittles.
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Uuuh.... [08/29/05 @ 8:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Did I just see a naked patient?

This may be why I don't take "shortcuts" through the Oncology Department often.. With referrals in hand or not... ... OK, maybe I should take "shortcuts" MORE often... I can't stop laughing!

Welcome back, higher-degree-insanity of the PPTH. I've missed you.

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Listen up, kids! [08/28/05 @ 8:07pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

'Kids' as in students, interns, whoever's been screwing up and asking me questions about these... Grr.

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Or better yet, READ YOUR TEXTBOOKS (whether they be brand-spankin' new, or dusty, I don't care) because I like getting MY work done efficiently.

EDIT: Yes, I'm frustrated and directing it all at you - sorry!

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research lab <3 [08/25/05 @ 3:11pm]
I step away from work for one second and this is what I stumble upon. It's actually quite an amusing article when you think about it. Statistically, I think Trojan supplied the Sydney Olympics... Here ends my random bout of knowledge.

In other news, I have lab time. I am a very happy person.

[private] Though as I look over my lab hours
again, it seems like I don't have to go home
at all anymore. Wohoo! [/private]
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sleepy sleepy home [08/03/05 @ 12:09am]


Ah, shit.


Not coming in tomorrow.
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bored, or not [08/02/05 @ 5:59pm]
Fishheads! Fishheads! Rollie, pollie fishheads! Fishheads! Fishheads! Eat them up, yum!

This is me banging my head against the desk. NBFKW&$O*@$EHD summer. Where is everyone, other than vacation? I'll hold the coffee and iced lattes hostage if you don't come out! Bwahaha~
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no, i'm not being irrational* [07/31/05 @ 10:37pm]
Screw it, I'm coming in tonight. Taking a long shift with on-call hours on the side.

Oh, happy day.
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so long, IBRF [07/30/05 @ 1:53pm]
Di duit!

I mean... hello! Yes, I’m still alive if you happen to be wondering. I’m actually about ready to wrap things up, pack, and head off to the airport – so my flight will be getting in Sunday afternoon. I’m planning on coming in Monday too, but only for paperwork. Jetlag’s an evil thing and I don’t want to see patients when my mind’s still in Ireland. Ah well, see you all soon!

Níl aon tintéan mar do thintéan féin.
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last memos (until the 31st) [07/17/05 @ 6:02pm]
Memo to Ms. Claire LucasCollapse )

Memo to Dr. CuddyCollapse )

Memo to the Department HeadsCollapse )

Memo to the whole Neurology DepartmentCollapse )

Without further adieu, I'm off to the airport for my flight this evening. I will be researching in Ireland until the 31st. I'll see you all then!
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Sunday! [07/16/05 @ 6:07pm]
Hello everyone! Does anyone want to go out for lunch tomorrow? I want to get a big group together and just plain hang out and have doctorly-fun times. So, is anyone in? :D

Also, tomorrow's my last day here until the 31st of July. (since I'm going abroad to research in Ireland for two weeks and all) So I wanted to do something special and see everyone before I left.
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24-31 [07/14/05 @ 6:49am]
Dr. Benson's a liar.

Don't believe a word he says.

In other news, I contacted the IBRF and they've welcomes me to fly over and work in their research facilities at the end of July. My flight's departing on the night of the 17th, and I'll be arriving back around noon again on the 31st. So I'm going to Ireland after all, suckers.

And along that note - Memo to CuddyCollapse )
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work eats my SOUL!!!!1! [07/13/05 @ 6:15pm]
Remember the neurology conference I was obsessing about back in April? Yeah, the one the IBRF (Irish Brain Research Foundation) was hosting... I just realized today that I forgot about the whole darn thing. Which means I missed it... by over a month. No Ireland for me.

So now I'm looking at other placing - out of the country preferably - I could go... Maybe something with a conference and hiking. Double the pleasure, double the fun!
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joining the bandwagon [07/10/05 @ 9:25am]
So, about this lottery thing since everyone seems to be talking about it... I'm working all next week. Hehe. Sorry ladies. Hope everyone has fun though!
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update [07/08/05 @ 9:19pm]
Against all popular belief, no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth - or off the face of the PPTH for that matter. I’ve actually been doing what I’m supposed to be doing here. I.E., work. And for those of you who still don’t understand, that means finally catching up on paperwork and continuing my normal shifts with patients… and whipping the interns I’m overseeing and giving a few lectures to med students. All that fun and lack-o-personal-life doctorly stuff.

Food and sleep is for wussies anyways.

Long-term patient Edward Kane, after having been abruptly moved to the ICU Wednesday afternoon, died today at 11:35 am. Move his file. ...Just a note to myself.
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